Elemental Tools

Tools made from Thaumium are great, but they don't do anything diamond tools can’t. Luckily you can upgrade them. You need to craft all of the tools (Thaumium Axe, Sword, Hoe, Pickaxe and Sword) and do a little research. Each one of these tools can be infused which will give them unique abilities:

  • Axe of the Stream
    • When used on a tree, it will look for the furthest block (Log) and then mine from the top of the tree down, even if you hit the bottom of the tree. All wood will float towards you. Pressing and holding Right Click will pull items towards you. You can disable the effect if you hold sneak while chopping.
  • Pickaxe of the Core
    • When mining ore blocks you have a chance to mine up a cluster (when smelted these produce double the normal amount of metal). When right-clicked against any surface (such as stone) it will show you where the nearest valuable resources are:

* Sneak-right-clicking will force the pickaxe to act like a normal pick.
  • Sword of the Zephyr
    • When hitting foes, it will send gusts of wind towards the enemy, hitting surrounding targets. While blocking, gusts of wind will blow away enemies and loose items. It will also slowly lift you into the air.

  • Shovel of the Earthmover
    • Will dig out a 3x3 area of blocks of a similar material. When right-clicked, it will attempt to fill a 3x3 area with blocks of the same material (if they are in your inventory).
  • Hoe of Growth
    • Will till a 3x3 area. When used on crops it will act as bone meal, but this will cost durability. Will work on plants that bone meal won't.

It would seem this research is a little buggy. There is a command you can enter to unlock this if you are having issues

/tc research @p ELEMENTALTOOLS

/tc research @p RUNICSHIELDING