Infusion Enchantment

Enchanting your weapons and tools the regular way depends on luck. Thankfully, you can use Essentia to enchant items in the Infusion Altar.

At the cost of Essentia, some risk of Flux and instability, you can craft the following enchants:

Name Target Ranks Effect
Collector Axe & Pickaxe None Harvested items will float toward you.
Burrowing Axe & Pickaxe None The furthest block will be harvested, not your target block.
Refining Pickaxe 1-4 Chance of Native clusters dropping from Ores.
Sounding Pickaxe 1-4 Right-clicking blocks will show nearby ores.
Destructive Axe, Pickaxe, Shovel None When harvesting a block, the eight surrounding it (3x3 area) will also be harvested.
Arcing Weapon 1-4 Will hit an additional target for half weapon damage. Higher ranks increase the number of targets.
Essence Harvester Weapon 1-5 When a target is killed, it has a chance of dropping its essence in a crystal. Higher ranks increase chance and number dropped.