Focus Medium: Projectiles

Casting spells is fun, but you can spice things up a little. No need to get up close and personal when you can fire projectiles at mobs.

This research will require you to scan something with Motus. This can be done by scanning a trap door. After doing some more research, you can complete the quest.

The next part to this requires you to be hit by 3 different types of projectile:

  • Normal Projectile
    • Place an arrow in a dispenser and fire it at yourself (or let a Skeleton shoot you)
  • Fiery Projectile
    • Place a firecharge in a dispenser and fire it at yourself (or let a Blaze shoot you).
  • Sticky Projectile
    • Find a llama, hit it and let it spit at you. They spawn in Savannah and Mountain biomes.

Once you have done this you can complete this section. Now, in your Focal Manipulator, you will have a new option: Projectile. Combine this with an element (fire, earth, etc.) to throw things at enemies:

The Projectile option has four different modes:

  • None
    • Point and click and your projectile will go in that direction.
  • Bouncy
    • The projectile will bounce off solid blocks.
  • Seek Hostile
    • Projectiles will seek hostile mobs.
  • Seek Friendly
    • Projectiles will seek friendly mobs.

The last two are a bit iffy, and depending on how slow you set them, will determine if they actively seek the mob. You need to shoot towards the mob for it to actively seek, as it will kick in when the projectile is on a downward path.