Flux Clean up

Unlocked after you have completed Vis Battery. Flux Clean up enables you to clean the Auro from Flux, you can see exactly how much flux is in your local arua by holding shift with the Thaumometer is in hand.

This basic principle is that you use any spare Essentia you have and use that to clear the Flux out of the air and turn it into Vitium.

You will need to place down 5 Jars in a cross pattern and on top of the middle jar you can place the condenser and on top of the condenser you have to place at least 1 Lattiace.

There are a few rules with the lattice as stated in the Book:

“The lattice cannot be attached any old way however: 1) The lattice blocks must be attached to the top of the condenser and all the connected lattice pieces must be above the condenser itself. 2) I can attach many lattice blocks together, but any lattice pieces further than 8 blocks from the condenser will automatically detach. 3) It is theoretically possibly to pack a large amount of lattice pieces into this 8 block range, but the benefit a lattice piece provides is reduced for each other lattice piece it is connected to. 4) It may appear that a single unbroken line of lattices would be the best configuration, but occasionally the filter in a lattice piece becomes clogged and unusable. All lattice pieces after the clogged one will no longer aid the conversion speed, though they will still add to the cost. The filter can be replaced by clicking on the clogged lattice piece with a fresh one.”

The best configuration for this is as follows:

Just remember that this process can take a while and you will need to right click the lattice with a Essentia Filter when it gets blocked:

If this is left unmaintained the efficiency of this will take a hit and could also stop working altogether.