Discovering Artifice

Now that you have done some basic Alchemy, you can work on unlocking Artifice. For this you will need to have done some scanning, and if you are still missing the 2 Essences Sensus and Machina, then you can scan a wooden pressure plate:

Holding Shift while mousing over items will show this information if you have discovered the containing aspect

You might not be able to scan the pressure plate straight away, but you can also scan a Weighted Pressure Plate (made from gold) if you have spare gold.

Completing this section will give you a new Tab: Artifice, and will also let you know how to craft the Goggles of Revealing which give you a little bit of a Vis discount when crafting, but also lets you see the aspects inside your Crucible:

The Goggles of Revealing (when worn) will also show you what blocks you have not scanned yet, these blocks will have blue sparkles around them: