Flux & Rifts

Flux is generated when releasing Essentia into the world without filtering it. Flux is sort of a bad aura around a chunk. Too much flux can cause less vis to generate in the area and can also lead to rifts. Rifts will destroy any blocks that come in contact with them. Over time these rifts will decrease the amount of flux in a chunk. After a while these rifts will leave behind a giant taint seed. These giant taint seeds spread and maintain Taint. This is almost the only way to obtain Vitium, which is required for Essentia Tubes (even though you can get vitium from mycelium, nether wart and vishrooms).

Flux rifts generate on the highest block in the corrupted chunk.

These rifts have a chance of having any of the following happen:

  • Wisp
    • A Wisp will be spawned in a 10×10×10 area around the rift, with locations closer to the rift being more likely. The wisp has a 20% chance to be a Vitium wisp instead of a random one.
  • Taint Seed
    • The Flux Rift will disappear, spawning a Giant Taint Seed in a 10×10×10 area around the rift, with locations closer to the rift being more likely. The seed will be temporarily boosted, causing it to spread Taint faster, and additional Flux will be released in the chunk. This event has a weight of 10 and can not occur in the spread range of any Taint Seeds.
  • Flux Phage
    • Flux Phage IV will be inflicted on all mobs and players in a 32×32×32 area for 2 minutes 30 seconds.
  • Flux cloud
    • A custom spell will be cast on the nearest player in a 16 block radius around the rift. The spell is composed of a Cloud focus medium with a random radius and duration, with the Flux focus effect attached. Despite the rift being the source of the effect, the spell's caster is the targeted player.

The size of these rifts depends on the amount of flux that has built up in the area.

In order to close rifts you will need a Causality Collapser but for now if you do find one or create one then I would suggest you move away or kill anything that spawns from it.

You can stabilize rifts with a Stabilizer, but it creates flux.

If there are crystal clusters growing in the fluxed area, there is a chance they can turn into Flux Crystals. This process consumes a little bit of flux from the aura during this process.

Flux can be evenly distributed between two chunks (maybe even 3) by placing the essentia smelter directly in the corner of a chunk and putting Auxiliary Venting Ports directly next to the chunk-border. The Flux will be calculated in the Chunk to the output of the Auxiliary Venting Port. This helps to let the Flux be minimized per chunk.