Minecraft will always be free to everyone, creating these guides can take up to a month and this is all done in my (Tiyth) spare time. I do not get paid for making any of these guides and I fund this whole project on my own.

When this project first started I never thought so many people would be so interested in these guides. As I add more and more guides and more and more people come to visit each guide, more and more bandwidth and space is needed to host these guides.

Currently, I am paying my hosting around £400 for hosting, SSL certificates, Domain and the blog. As more guides are made our hosting will soon slow down, as we have such a huge amount of visitors.

I don’t want to run ads on each guide, I want each guide to be free of ads forever.

I am working on a Patreon but I understand that people may not want to have another subscription running. I have decided to open up donations.

I will be accepting Paypal Donations as well as cryptocurrency donations. I will be fully transparent with donations and will document exactly what has been spent and where. These donations are strictly for

Hopefully, can be fully self-sufficient!


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Thank you for supporting