Essentia Tubes

There is a little research to be done here, so either scan all the things you have made up until now, or visit the Research Table. You need four Phials of Essentia in your inventory. Break down items in the Furnace and then collect the Essentia.The easiest way to get these is as follows:

  • Phial of Vitium
    • Nether Wart
  • Phial of Vinculum
    • Oak door or Amber
  • Phial of Alienis
    • Ender pearl
  • Phial of Alkimia
    • Gunpowder, blaze powder, brewing stand or magma cream

You may need more than one of the above items, and you will need to empty out your Alembics with Jars.

The last Essentia you will need is Vitium. This is very hard to come by and there is no easy way to get it. One option is to collect Mycelium from a Mushroom Island. Finding a mushroom island can be easy with mods like Nature’s Compass, but if you do not have such a mod, finding a mushroom island is nearly impossible. In that case, your best bet is to go FAR AWAY from your base/house and cause a whole bunch of taint.


Or you could just go to the nether and get nether wart but that’s just the easy way of doing things.

To cause taint, bring a Crucible, Water, Nitor and five droppers. Set up your Crucible. Once the water is bubbling, throw the droppers into the Crucible and then sneak-right-click it. This will release a whole bunch of flux into the area. Alternatively, you can dump a few stacks of dirt or cobblestone if you have extra lying around.

You will soon notice strange things happening, such as Rifts in the world that will damage you if you walk into them and will also destroy items. This might not happen straight away so be patient but you will get a message on screen saying that there is too much flux in the area. The rift will also spawn Wisps:

Slowly but surely, a Taint Seed will spawn and it will start to spread Taint. You want this thing to taint a bit of land around it, and then you want to kill it from a distance. It has a bunch of health and it will poison you if you get too close. It will also taint mobs:

You are looking for tainted blocks. Once the Seed has tainted a little bit of the area (leave it for around 2-3 minutes) kill it and then collect as many tainted soil blocks as possible. You also want to scan everything in the area too:

You will pick up a few Vitium Crystals as well. No matter what tool you use to mine up taint, it will take a long time. Once you have a few blocks of tainted soil, return home and use that to make Phials of Vitium. Store as much Vitium as possible because it’s hard to come by.

Using an Exchange Focus to switch tainted blocks with dirt is a much faster way of collecting taint than mining it.

Once you have all four of these Phials in your inventory, complete this section. This will unlock a whole load of Essentia Tubes:

All these Tubes and Valves work together with the Alembic and the Smeltery. There is a lot to cover and it's not always easy setting them up to do what you need them to.

Basic tubes can be attached to the Alembic, allowing Essentia to flow through into a Jar with the same Essentia. When attached to a Jar, there will be a certain amount of “suction.” This amount of suction can be determined with the Essentia Resonator (right-click the Tubes).

You can also change Pipes with your Gauntlet (clear the Focus first with Shift+F, or whatever your key binding is). This will detach pipes from other Pipes and Jars. This can be done by sneak+right clicking.

Each Jar can only hold one type of Essentia, and hooking up a whole bunch of pipes to a whole bunch of jars and expecting things to go smoothly is not going to work.

There is a relatively simple way to use pipes to your advantage if you have enough resources. By using Essentia Buffers, Filtered Essentia Tubes, Jars, Void jars and Bellows (these can be found early on under the Atifice tab) you can automate the whole essentia capturing process without having to maintain it and without having to overcomplicate things with other tubes. You will also only need to create one Essentia Smeltery and one Arcane Alembic.

Before we build the system it's important to know what each of these tubes do and what we can do with them:

  • Essentia Buffer
    • These will pull Essentia to them and send them down to any other buffer attached, you can limit which way the Essentia flows by SHIFT-Right clicking with your gauntlet
  • Filtered Essenita Tube
    • You can set what Essentia can pass through these tubes by right clicking them with a vial of essentia in hand.

The basic idea behind this is as follows:

We want essentia to go from point A to point B and be dropped off at the correct Jar without getting stuck or clogging the system.

Please remember you will need to AT LEAST have enough Jars, buffers and Filters as their are type of Essentia (37) and you will also need to have at least one of each Essentia.

First set down your smeltery and alembic, from that run a row of normal tubes and at the end of your tunes add a buffer:

On top of the first buffer we will need to put a set of bellows, this is needed because when you smelt items the Essentia will not be drawn to the first buffer, we have to help the Essentia along. After this buffer we can add all the other buffers for each Essentia type (37) and off each of these buffers we can add Filtered Tubes:

These will attach to each other but you can break these links by right clicking with the gauntlet:

Next you will want to right click each end of the filter with a Phial of essentia, ensure each type of Essentia has its own tube and no more than 1 and under each filter add a jar as well as a void jar (this is your overflow), the pipe that connects the void jar should be a Restricted pipe:

While doing all this pipes might attach to each other so ensure they are not.

Lastly we have to ensure that the Essentia only flows 1 way, you will need to Shift-Right Click between the buffers, you will see a blue ring and then a red one, we want the red one.

Do this for each buffer, this will ensure the essentia is pushed to next buffer until it finds the right buffer with the corresponding Filter for its Essentia.

Now you can feed your Smeltery with as much as you wish without the system clogging up.

This is just one of many examples of how you setup your essentia transportation and to feel more than free to create something else based on your base/needs

There is a slightly easiest and cheaper but less efficaint way to hook up jars to Alembics using Essentia Valves on each Jar, with pipes going into each Alembic:

Make sure all the valves are closed. Open only one valve at a time (they turn counter-clockwise to open) to fill Jars with Essentia.

You can go crazy and use loads of materials creating the perfect system, but these pipes are no easy thing to master. One strategy you can do is keep your jars nearby and move them under the pipes as needed rather than spending the resources on creating valves. This may be more of a nuisance, but can hold you over until you replace the pipe system if it isn’t your cup of tea.