Verdant Charms

Once you unlock this stage, you can craft three charms that are worn in your Baubles slots. These charms must be charged in the Recharging Pedestal, or you can wear the Amulet of Vis as well as the Charms. The Amulet will charge these items while you wear them. You can only wear one Charm at a time.

  • Verdant Heart Charm
    • Crafting ingredient for the other two charms.
      • Rare Earth is a rare drop while mining:
        • Diamond Ore - 5%
        • Redstone and Lapis - 1%
        • Coal - 0.1%
        • Emerald - ???%
  • Verdant Heart Charm - Life Giver
    • This charm will heal you if you take any damage.
  • Verdant Heart Charm - Sustainer
    • This charm will keep you well fed. It also replenishes air if you are underwater.