Basic Auromancy

This section has three parts to it. The first part will require you to craft a Blank Lesser Focus. To do this, you need to add the following aspects to a Crucible:

  • 5 Auram
  • 10 Praecantatio
  • 20 Vitreus

Once this is done, add an Ordo Vis Crystal to the Crucible.

The easiest way to add these aspects is to first make Arcane Stone in your Arcane Workbench (make around 18). This can then be crafted into Arcane Stone Slabs, which then can be crafted into an Arcane Pedestal:

Note that this recipe does not require any crystals or Vis, and can therefore be crafted in a regular crafting table. Any crystal can be used to craft these stones, so this is a perfect recipe for getting rid of excess crystals you don’t want to smelt down.

Two Arcane Pedestals will give you the 10 Praecantatio. For the 5 Auram, you can use Silverwood Planks or a Silverwood Log. Four glass can be used for the 20 Vitreus you need.

For the Catalyst, you need an Ordo shard. You can get this by throwing lead into a Crucible and right clicking it with Quartz Slivers (Essence might be left over so you can safely sneak-right-click this).

Right-click or throw these into the Crucible, and then right-click with the Shard to get a Blank Lesser Focus and complete the first part of Basic Auromancy:

The next part will require you to build a Stone Table and then a Focal Manipulator. You need to check your current mod pack, as plate making may be different in each pack:

You need to “Examine Fire Very Closely” which basically means you will need to set yourself on fire:

Once you have crafted your Focal Manipulator, make sure you put it close to your Research Table so you can benefit from its bonuses. Complete the quest.